"When you come to Next Level, you will get pushed mentally and physically and the training prepares you not only for the field or court, but it helps prepare you for life. There are NO EXCUSES only solutions and Coach E will push you to reach the goals you set. "
College Athlete Client, W&J Football
"Next Level training is top tier, Coach E helps you achieve every goal you set and push past your limits. It's tough, but it will get you where you want to be."
College Athlete Client
"Coach E training services teach me a lot honestly. His training pushes your body to its limitations each session. Coach E give you his 100% no matter what time of day it is. All he say to do is not waste his time. He gives explanation for every workout and how it can better you. His training not only push you physically but mentally as well. He incorporates life lessons into his training as well. Teaching his clients how be to men and women. It’s deeper than just sports for him."
Jamar Stevenson
College Athlete Client, WC Football
"Next level training is great and exclusive training with Coach E. Focuses step by step on the bad habits and negative habits and turns them into strong and positive habits. The atmosphere during training is great, everyone communicates with each other and making each other better no matter the position. Coach E always looks ahead and focuses on your future and helps you work your way up to your goals in life. 100% recommend Next Level Training to anyone who wants to perfect their craft and take that next step and push themselves to the next level."
Stacey Watts, Jr
College Athlete Client, FSU Football